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What is Donald Credit and where are we located?

Donald credit is an online site of an organization. This has made taking loans and cash flow much more convenient. It is located on 1330 CORNWALL ROAD, SUITE 205 OAKVILLE, ONTARIO L6J 7W5. You can contact us call on +1 800 603 and email us on CONTACT@DONALDCREDIT.COM. It only takes 15 minutes to fill up the application form and you get your loan approval on the very same day. One does not have to worry about the loan application process as it is very easy and simple to follow. It asks for our employment proof and fundamental identity related details. We will not ask about any credit card or account related information. Your credit score doesn’t matter, whether it is good or bad, we are here to help you with short and long term loans as you wish to get.


How is Donald Credit different from others?

We have offered flexible way to choose your loan and offered choice to set repayment options yourself. We are always ready to support with correct guidelines and instant 24x7 response. We don’t judge you by your bruised credit score or anything alike.


What are the requirements in order to apply for loan?

In order to get a loan, we need identification such as, a primary photo ID (such as a government-issued ID card) and a secondary form of ID (such as a utility bill or bank statement).

Some of our lenders may ask for some bank statements like copies of bank statements and copies of pay stubs or tax forms.


What kind of loans do we help in?

We help you in getting personal loans, in debt consolidation, long and short term loans, auto loan or fast cash loans and even bad credit loans. You can get loan ranging from $500 to $49000. We provide loans when banks don’t, and we are less expensive than payday loan.


What is the variation between Donald credit and a loan from bank or payday lender?

Donald credit offers you better flexibility and easily manageable finances when we approve for a personal loan for you. Unlike banks, we don’t discriminate on the basis of that if you have low credit score or you own a house.

We are one of the loan provider that would offer $5000 unsecured loan. We also offer re-payment up to 9 to 36 months! So that you can manage your repayments easily and fit it in your budget nicely.

It gives the ease to choose your kind of re-payment whether it is weekly, biweekly or monthly etc.


What are our interest rates like?

The interest rate would be anything between 2.7% and 3.0%. But it changes depending upon the quantity of loan taken, and how much time has passed since the loan was taken. But no need to worry, when you will be filling out form and specifying your needs and requirements, the interest will be told at that instant.


How can Donald credit help me improve my credit score?

Donald credit will be there for you, even if your credit score is high or low. One can improve credit score by getting multiple personal loans from us. In the case of paying off debt, one can have consolidation loans in which you can pay off multiple loans. It saves you from extra interest that would apply separately on every loan and it saves you money too.


Just assure to get release letters from your prior creditors so that we can notify the bureaus and help you as soon as possible and also, that it would reflect your updated positive history with the help of consolidation loans.


What can I borrow money for?

Donald credit provides loan no matter whatever the reason of loan maybe. It can be for any personal reason, to pay off other debts, to start a new business, to improve your credit score etc. you can apply here without any hesitation. We are here to help and provide help in every circumstances.


You will not be judged by your pre-existing credit score or whatsoever. If you can afford to take loan from us, we will provide you with it.


How will Donald credit help me with consolidating with my debts?

If you are facing a difficult time managing your debts and credit score, or you have a number of agencies chasing you for the pay back, contact +1 800 603 6035 and ask for a loan specialist. With the team work and collaboration, we will sort out the best ways to how to deal with your debts, determine your budget and how much loan can you afford from us and pay the agencies from your behalf.


After getting the approval, we will assist you with financing out collection matter and providing you with more loan even though you have a weak and bruised credit. And with the extended span of time offered, you can pay back easily without taking much stress.


Is your privacy policies effective? Are the good to keep our information safe?

You should be care free about this concern. We use the provided information only when to respond to your queries. This information is highly confidential and we don’t share it with anyone else. TCI (Teledata communication, Inc.) may use this information to inform you about new offers, services and packages.


If you don’t want to be informed with additional information, you can email us at


When you log in to your respective ids, your IP addresses are automatically recognized by our web server. It is used to help in administration and collect broad demographic information. The information is not used to personally identify any information.


To save your information from outside hackers, we have set up physical, electronic, and administrative systems to defend and secure the data we gather on the web.


The TCI site is not organized to pull in kids or minors. As needs be, we don't expect to gather individual data from kids or minors.


Why select your outlet?

The reason you should select our outlet to provide you with the loan is that we provide an authentic paper work and satisfy our clients in every possible way. You can trust us in the matter of your money need.



Unlike banks, we do not require much records or have a very tough criteria. All you need is some legal documents and you can be a part of our satisfied clients who received loans before and had their needs fulfilled.


How can I know if I am eligible for loan?

  • You must be 18 years old or more.
  • You should provide the citizenship proof such as Social Insurance Number (SIN) or a proof of residence.
  • You should have an existing account on your name.
  • You should provide home or work telephone numbers.
  • You should provide a credible email address.


How can I apply for the loan?

It is as simple as anything. All you need is to apply online through our online portal. It is the easiest and securest way and will hardly require five minutes or even less than that. It does not require travelling or being worried about finding our outlet.


A professional agent will call you within 1 hour (business days only) to guide you through all the process and tell you about the loan application. (The call may be through phone or by email).


How can I further know the status and process of my loan application?

We do not take long to process a loan application. You will soon receive a phone call from our specialized agent to tell you about the process of your loan application and further details within few working days after your application is submitted. He will tell you information about your application depending on your application status.


What happens after I have applied online for my loan?

1. Your application is approved (we have received your application and you are eligible for the loan) 2. Application is accepted but some information is still required (we will let you know what information do we need more) 3. Your application needs to be reviewed (we have received your application but we need to review all the information you provided) 4. Unluckily, we are unable to give you loan at this time (you haven’t qualified for the loan)


Can I re-apply for the loan?

We will be pleased to receive another application requesting for loan as your circumstances can change with time and you might get eligible to get a loan. Our agents will not decline any application because of its previous record. However, if your circumstances remain the same, you might change your decision in other aspects in paying back the loan.


Why would I be declined?

There are several reasons you’re due to which application will not be accepted. Some of them are:


  • Your account performance may fall below the requirements.
  • Your personal credit score decides whether you will be able to receive the loan or not.
  • Our internal policy rules determine if you meet the criteria or not.
  • Some of the information provided from credit reference agencies shared with us tell that you can receive loan or not.


How and when will I receive my loan?

Once after your loan has been allowed, you will receive a phone call from one of our professional representative to discuss about the options and the steps that are required to receive your loan/funds.


How will I make my monthly payments?

After you have received your loan, monthly payments will be made from your bank account automatically. You don’t need to worry about monthly fatigue or irrelevant tensions.


Will there be any fine if we make the payments early or with additional payment principal payment?

No, the payment can be made anytime and there is no time restriction. The loan is fully open all the time and you can make payments anytime you want. You can pay the amount by making a lump sum payment as well. It can be in parts or full payment at a time. This will, in fact, be a better step towards your record with us.


How much money do you give in the loan?

Our loan payment vary according to your need and the plan and payment you select. We provide from $500 to $49000 to our customers.


Do I need to provide a credible evidence for which I need the loan?

No, you don’t need to provide any evidence. Although you must have a clear record.


Will I be helped if my financial situation changes over time?

Yes, you will be definitely helped by us if you face any valid issue in paying back your loan. Kindly call us if you face any issue, we will find a solution to your problem and see what can be done to your situation.


Can I get a new loan with my existing loan account?

Yes, we would love to receive another loan application, especially when you have qualified for the previous loan. You can apply for another loan whenever you want.

Do I need to provide security or any other papers for my loan?

You might need to provide us security for a secured loan transfer. We will be grateful to you if you provide your security papers or any sort of papers that will help us identify your resources. This will also help in determining you for the loan easily.


Shall I have to pay stamp duty?

No, you don’t have to pay stamp duty in our regular loans.


What will be the debt burden?

It depends upon how much debt you need to provide to other institutions. This will tell us how much loan you can have without much problem and investing your entire income. Banks, generally don’t offer loans to people who have a heavy debt amount pending. However, we analyze your data and provide you with the best loan amount you can easily pay back.


Accumulation offices are chasing me, by what means would Pay Power Loan help?

For example a Toronto-based accumulation agency is chasing you since you owe their customer $3,000. Furthermore let’s assume that you might pay that $3,000 now, but that could put you in financial problems and also would be terrible since you have to support your family too. Pay Power Loan would assist you in such circumstances. Let’s say those accumulation agencies position, yet we won’t pursue you to pay us the loan but we will settle your accumulation matter straightforwardly and place you on an installment arrangement to pay us again through time, which matches with how you are paid by your office/employer. Through this way you will return Pay Power Loan with your pay-day each two weeks, for example, until your credit may be returned to Pay Power Loan with interest. Until then you can pay your rent and feed your family with that cash.


What If I get loan from you and in the meanwhile I lose my job?

The Pay Power Loan administration is for those people who are already employed, because as a result we get paid once you get paid on your pay-day during the same duration. Though you lose your job, we permit you a 90-day installment occasion Also fill in with you, to the degree you require help. Pay Power Loan Help you get on your feet and Figure out a new job.


We additionally offer Loan security protection that protects you from a sudden job loss Furthermore we cover your credit installments for six months (conditions applied).


I have been Bankrupted, I have documented a Proposal, or I am in credit counselling?

Unfortunately, we are not presently advertising advances with people who are bankrupted, have documented a proposal under the insolvency & bankruptcy Act, or they are in credit counselling unless these matters are totally dropped off your credit department. This could regularly consume to 7-10 years afterward the discharge, on account of a former insolvency.


What amount of cash can I borrow and what is the process of re-payments?

Pay Power Loan offers unsecured loans extending starting from $500 – $2,500. The amount you might acquire will be dependent upon your income, debt load and many other factors would be involved. Installments will be naturally debited from your bank account when you are paid (on the bases of weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, alternately month to month in some cases).


To what extent can I lend money?

Our adaptable installment terms extent starts with 6-36 months. We plan to meet your budget, permitting you to lend the amount you could then manage to payback too.


What is APR, Furthermore how much Pay Power Loan charge?

The term APR stands for “Annual percentage rate” which is the count of yearly interest for your credit. Pay Power Loan regularly charges between 29 and 46. 95% APR, which is set then afterward to your personal and credit assessment.


What is the loan insurance plan of Pay Power Loan?

Our credit security arrangement varies marginally relying upon if your credit is under or over $5,000; however, it will be there to ensure you in the situation of job loss, injury, sickness and in the most bad case if you passed away:

  • Assuming that you need aid laid off, your installments would concealed with 6 months. A few confinements might apply.
  • If you are ill or injured, your installments are concealed up to 6 months. Some percentage confinements might apply.
  • If you are critically ill, your installments would be secured 100%. Just loan will be applicable under $5,000.
  • If you passed away, your installments would be secured 100%. Exactly confinements might apply.


What qualifications and paperwork would be needed to apply for a personal loan in Pay Power Loan?

This would include different factors and would also be dependable upon the reason for your Loan. However, normally those fundamental documentation or help we might want include these:

  • Occupation confirmation (status and length) at least six months at your job.
  • Verification of salary (pay stubs).
  • Evidence about Canadian residency.
  • Minimum age limit is 18 (2 copies of ID issued by Government).
  • Evidence of Bank account.
  • References.
  • Different variables that might or might not sway your qualification for filling of loan include:
  • former insolvency filing, proposal Filing or credit counselling filling.
  • Degree about Payday credit utilization.
  • Gain over $1,500 net pay for every month.


How much time does it take to complete the online application of Pay Power Loan?

The filling of application roughly takes 10-15 minutes.


How much time does it take to be approved and the transfer of funds to my account?

Endorsement can be fast likewise a few hours, yet all is profoundly subject to how quick you can complete the documentation of Pay Power Loan. Pay Power Loan need to check some third party accounts in certain outsider administration suppliers, it should acquire fast with certain individual records and the transfer of funds to your bank account. If you permit Pay Power Loan to go through some personal information, your provision can be endorsed in only few hours. These administration suppliers might help us for analyzing and reading your credit score and few other details.



On the other hand, though certain documents take time or arrive late, your Pay Power Loan application might be postponed for days or possibly more. Subsidizes will be electronically wired under your record inside 1-2 days for your loan getting approved.


If I pay my loan early, what happens then?

No punishment. You are qualified to pay off your loan on any time you wish for, and if you would so, only those fund charges are acquiring that are earned up to those the long haul during which the advance is paid off.


Is there any hidden fee charges in Pay Power Loan?

No extra fee is charged from you on the setting up of your loan or getting you your cash.

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